" Touching Heart"

Press Reviews

Rama has received critical acclaim from renowned critics across the world.

Rama is one of our top most dancers !
Sunil Kothari, noted dance scholar and critic

"Rama Vaidynathan leaves other Bharatanatyam dancers of her generation far behind."…..September 1993,  First City Magazine, Ashish Khokar (editor: attendance)

"The great painter Maharaja Ravi Varma must have had in mind someone resembling Rama Vaidyanathan when he painted the portrait of Shakuntala. I am not exaggerating…..She is a creative artiste, ever trying to explore new vistas in choreography."…..August 1998, The Statesman, Late Shri P. V. Subramaniam (Subudu)

"Rama must be ranked among the five most notable talents at the close of the century….Her intensity an command stops the viewer dead in his tracks."…….February 1999, The Hindustan Times, Shanta Serbjeet Singh

"Her skill for 'abhinaya' was evident in the garland of verses….Rama's expressions of the swiftly changing moods of the lady in love were lively."….December 1999, The Hindu, Chennai, Nandini Ramani

Rama is a unique blend of Tradition and Innovation - Femina 2003.

The more one watched Rama Vaidyanathan dance, the more one was amazed..Her dancing is vibrant and deeply involved. She is equipped with technical skill but is also full of innovative ideas."
V. R. Devika in The Hindu....Chennai, 2003

She is an artiste who works at many levels and uses her art as a tool to express her solidarity with various levels.......The fire power and ebullience, the athleticism and rhytmic prowess have always been there as strong ingredients for a successful solo career.......Anjana Rajan in The Hindu, Delhi 2003

If there is a high priestess of Bharata Natyam, it should be Rama. Argus, Pavilion Theatre, Brighton, U.K. 2006

Rama has an individualistic statement and style, strongly expressive of her joy and exuberance. Her lucid introductions matched each one of the aesthetically pleasing items......Manjari Sinha in The Hindu, 2007

The dancer's fluency in negotiating
space, her intutive ability for well- crafted and nuanced choreography with a sense of 'belonging ' with the theme and a feel for asthetics are all factors to reckon with........Leela Venkatraman in SRUTI, India's premier magazine for the performing arts-2007

Watching Rama Vaidyanathan dance , you get the feeling that she is truly passionate about what she is doing – she immerses herself in the moment and the mood.........Usha Ramdas in the Hindu, Chennai 2009

Her execution was so clear that the fascinations of the Bharatanatyam genre itself were objectively evident.......Alaistair macaulay in The New York times  2011

Simply and Radically she, she walked to change the scene, clear the air, declare herself………Women in Indian Dance are a feisty bunch and Vaidyanathan catches their spirit.........Appollinaire Scherr in
the Financial Times, New York 2011