" Expressing The Self "

Unique Choreographic Compositions

Rama is known for her unique approach to choreography.

She sees Bharatanatyam as a strong medium of communication and has used her dance vocabulary to create some path breaking choreographic compositions.

Mayur Alaripu – The dance of the peacock is an original work where she has used a traditional rhythmic structure to capture the graceful movements of the National bird of India. It is composed  in an unconventional cycle of five and a half beats by ace Nattuvanar Karaikudi Sivakumar.

“Brhamajaladhara” – The story of Ganga,  “Akhilam Madhuram” – Symbolisam of Mathura and Brindavan,
“Angikam Bhuvanam” – The Cosmic Self, and  “Dance of the Birds” – An ode to the bird - are all various full length productions that were made along with  music composition by renowned flautist GS Rajan.

“Mad and Divine” is Rama’s  latest work where she has interpreted poems of  the 13th century Marathi poet  Janabai and 14th century kashmiri poet lalleswari. The music for the Marathi abhangs are composed by Sudha Raghuraman the well known vocalist, and A Vasudevan the multi faceted artiste has set the score for the kashmiri vaakhs.

“One of the most riveting pieces of choreography one has seen lately”. Leela Venkatraman in The Hindu 2012

“With every stride one could see Rama getting carried away into a cloud of mysticism.  By the end of the performance, she not only got a standing ovation from the audiences but also transported them to the land of Lal Ded’s Vakhs.”  Veejay Sai in narthaki.com 2012

“She truly showed the “joys” of being “mad and divine” and how! “Pratima Sagar in narthaki.com 2012